Kiskey NDT Consulting and Training

When you need experience, certification, and care on your side…

Training Solutions

Kiskey NDT Consulting and Training offers solutions to 2 problems we face every day:

  1. How to find or develop good NDT technicians and, 2 – How to be sure this technician knows how to do the inspection properly.
  2. Proper training and certification, combined with mentoring, field support, and auditing solve this concern.

Training and Certification:

Technicians need to know the theory and fundamentals of their inspection method, and why this is the best method for the required results. They also need directed practice, with immediate feedback and follow-up.  When these two ideas are combined, technicians have the knowledge and know how to apply it. Our training continuously uses the combination of Classroom explanations, Lab demonstrations, Field Practice, and Practical Examinations. We find this to be the best system for introducing new concepts and having technicians retain what they need to know.

All technicians who successfully complete our training courses are given certification, which is 3rd party, auditable, and verifiable by clients at their request.

Field Support

After the course is finished, and the classroom is empty, we can continue to help you develop your staff by joining them in the field, to guide them in getting good results. We can confirm for you and your clients that the technician has followed the proper procedures and gotten the right results. Site visits and audits are documented for your confirmation, and for training purposes.


We can help you provide the best results to your client by offering “another set of eyes” on your reports, etc., before they are sent to a client rep.  Reduce delays in approvals and information processing by presenting your reports once. Helpful feedback to your technicians guides them to make their reporting better (routinely accurate and on time)