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Pipeline Integrity Training for Management and Decision Makers – # PI 002

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This course is designed primarily for Management and Engineering personnel.  The format is informal, but busy, and there’s a lot to do in a week. Most of the course is held in the Lab or the Digs, with the emphasis being on helping people who receive data from a Pipeline Integrity Professional understand how that data was gathered.  It’s fun, informative, and helps all of us in the industry improve our total understanding of the tasks required.  Students are welcome to bring their own data reporting systems along, or use the provided Pipeline Integrity software.

Location:                                                                                    Valleyview, AB

Course Duration:                                                                  40 hours

Maximum number of students:                                    8

Candidate Prerequisites:                                                 Pipeline Integrity experience, engineering, etc.

Course Fees:                                                                            $2381 + GST = $2500/person

Equipment to be provided by candidate:              N/A

PPE to be provided by candidate:                                CSA approved work boots, weather-appropriate apparel, etc.

Certification:                                                                             Yes


  • Pipeline Integrity Safety
    1. Job Hazard Assessment
    2. Daily Toolbox Safety Meeting
    3. Vehicle Safety
    4. Proper PPE
    5. Ditch Assessment
    6. Hoarding Assessment
    7. Air Quality
    8. Safe Grinding Practices
    9. Weather and Wildlife Safe Practices
  • Anomaly Assessment
    1. Anomaly Detection
    2. Anomaly Measurement
    3. Anomaly Layout
    4. Burst pressure calculations
  • Pipeline Maintenance and Repair
    1. Types of Pipeline Repair
    2. Permanent vs. Temporary Repairs
    3. Grinding Competency
    4. Type “A” and Type “B” Sleeve Preparation
    5. Pipe Section Removal
    6. Inspection of Repaired Pipe
    7. Coatings
  • Documentation and Record Keeping
    1. Reading the ILI Data
    2. Understanding Alignment Sheets
    3. Documentary Photographs
    4. Verifying Data Accuracy
    5. Required Records
  • Reporting
    1. Data entry for Pipeline Integrity Reporting Software
    2. Using Reporting Software
    3. Quality Assurance of Reports and Data
    4. Efficient Data Entry
  • Practical Application
    1. Daily Ditch Inspections ½ hr/day
    2. ILI Assessment Practical Exercise 4 hours
    3. Dig Site Verification Practical Exercise 3 hours
    4. NDT Inspection of Bare Pipe Practical Exercise 4 hours
    5. Grinding Competency Practical Exercise 4 hours
    6. Documentation and Reporting Practical Exercise 3 hours

Upon completion of the course, candidates will have proven ability to:

  • Assess Excavation Safety;
  • Document all aspects of a digsite location;
  • Correctly document site parameters;
  • Document and correlate In Line Inspection (ILI) features with found anomalies;
  • Assess Anomalies;
  • Record data as per client’s request;
  • Calculate Predicted Burst Pressure with provided software;
  • Safely remove specified anomalies;
  • Prepare pipe for sleeve repair, (Type “A” or “B”), or pipe replacement;
  • Inspect sleeve repairs;
  • Properly enter data into report;
  • Prepare photographs and enter into report;
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