Kiskey NDT Consulting and Training

When you need experience, certification, and care on your side…

Consulting Solutions


When faced with an unusual inspection request, or when it’s time to expand your inspection capabilities, we can help. Find opportunities to do more for the clients you currently serve by expanding the abilities of your technicians, using new technology, or using current technology in a different way.

We have developed specialty inspection methods to find and measure defects that were considered “undetectable”.

We can demonstrate, train, and certify your technicians in order to expand your business.

Procedures and Techniques

Conventional NDT or Advanced UT inspections require your procedures and techniques to be compliant with various codes. 

We offer Level III services, and have a Level II PAUT & Level III TOFD on staff in order to serve you better.

Field or Supervisory Services

Continued training for technicians who have successfully completed any of our training courses is available.  Support your technicians as they learn new inspection methods.