Kiskey NDT Consulting and Training

When you need experience, certification, and care on your side…

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My career in NDT has been one of great fortune, and continuous learning. 

I have been blessed to work with some of the best people in our industry, in 14 countries, inspecting a very wide range of equipment.  I have done high production RT and AUT, looked for tiny crack indications on the bottom of a pipe up in the mountains, and taught PAUT & TOFD with an interpreter for Spanish.

I have Level 3 certifications in UT, RT, PAUT, and TOFD. I am an advocate for training, whether it’s in-house, Professional Development, or NDT Certification.  I have found that every dollar I spent on training for myself pays huge, continuous dividends.
My first film badge (TLD) was sent in to Ottawa in 1981. I left the industry in 1985, returning to stay in 1997. I have seen many changes, and hope to influence our next technicians with a passion for doing things right.

Our founder’s first TLD was sent in for analysis in 1981. He stayed in the industry for about two years, left for a time, and came back to stay in 1997. HIs experience includes inspecting pipelines, chemical plants, refineries and power stations. He has analyzed RT film, “A” Scans, Mag and Die indications, and advanced UT presentations. He offers our students a broad range of experience to help them with their inspection inquiries.